Proudly connecting UTSA Student-Athletes to the Community

“Our goal is to connect student-athletes to local charities”

April Ancira, Founder

About 210 Inspired

210 Inspired exists to foster an accessible environment for student-athletes to remain in San Antonio and promote growth and enhanced opportunities for the city overall. As community leaders, UTSA athletes have the opportunity to lead by example and enrich San Antonio as a thriving city and as a community. At 210 Inspired, we work to help make this opportunity for impact a financially feasible option for the athletes. Furthermore, our organization facilitates partnerships between local charities and these athletes, so their time spent playing for UTSA can also serve to strengthen and improve San Antonio as a whole. Lead by a proud group of alumni, 210 Inspired creates avenues for UTSA’s student-athletes to make a positive impact in the San Antonio community.

A player’s Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) is a major way that they can identify publicly and make a concerted impact on their community. Leveraging their name, image, or likeness through marketing or promotions allows students to be compensated financially outside their university and own the rights to their personal brand. On July 1, 2021, the NCAA made it legal for athletes to profit from their NILs, and the state of Texas affirmed this movement with certain provisions. Players now have the freedom to use their NIL to partner with local charities and serve as a leader and powerful example to individuals in the community who look up to them. By allowing UTSA’s student-athletes the opportunity to serve our great community, we believe it will further strengthen the bond between UTSA student-athletes and San Antonio.